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Piki Piki – Quick update

I really was planning to add a longer post about the progress of my new game Piki Piki (f.k.a. The Farting Hedgehog). But then I started to design a new level, and then the clock was about an hour past bedtime.

Well, anyway, the game is coming along really fine and I’ve now reached the so long-awaited moment in development where it’s finally time to start to produce a lot of levels. It takes a lot of tweaking to get the timing right but the process is really smooth and just plain fun! :-D

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully add some images from the game, if I don’t get stuck in another level design of course.

Happy Farting!

Unity: Start with selected scene

Sometimes when you test your code in Unity you really need to start from a specific scene. There is no way (that I know of) to get Unity to do this for you, but since it’s really simple to extend the editor with your own code I wrote a simple script that saves the current scene and loads a menu scene before running. When you’re done testing, you run the same method again and your last scene will be loaded for you.

Thank you, Unity for making my life so easy!

Right tool for the job

It always strike me how much easier life gets when you use the right tools for the job. I mean try mowing the lawn using a snow thrower, it’s just no fun! (Not that mowing the lawn is all that fun even if you do use the correct tool, but it’s nevertheless easier)


Using the right tools also helps when developing games. I recently learned how to use the game development IDE Unity and I really love it. It really feels like Unity is built not only for game developers but also by game developers. They really know how to make the development process run smoothly.

In my opinion the biggest advantage is the built in Asset Store and more specific the never ending collection of plugins to extend the editor with new features. Take level building for example. Right now I’m working on a rather simple plattform game. In my first designs I used tiled maps, a well tested technique where you build the level by piecing together different shaped tiles. It’s a tedious work and even if you have a lot of tiles you can’t get all the shapes you’d like. But then I found the Ferr2D plugin and suddenly I saw the light! In Ferr2D you first setup the materials to be used for the top, bottom, left and right edges and the filling texture. Then you just creates meshes in what ever form you like and the Ferr2D plugin makes sure it looks good! Don’t get me wrong, creating a level still takes time. But it’s much easier and it’s so much more fun using the right tools!