Blood Trade

This my latest budget deck project for Magic the Gathering. It’s made for the casual format, but is also valid to be played in Modern. The deck is designed to be fun and includes some neat tricks and surprises.

The main technique is sacrifice but it also depends on some side effect damage from Blood Artist and Impact Tremors. The main sacrifice fodder is Bloodsoaked Champion and Mogg War Marshal but other cards has proven to be very useful as well, like Pawn of Ulamog and Elemental Mastery.

A common win scenario is to beef up a creature using sacrifices, attack with it and then Fling it to finish the opponent off. If you manage to slap on a Dying Wish before the Fling you can actually double the damage and gain some life in the process.

You can also create a formidable Fling bomb if you attach an Elemental Mastery on a Bloodthrone Vampire, sacrifice a few creatures, tap the vampire to create a lot of tokens and then sacrifice the tokens. She is now one big vampire bomb that you can detonate using Fling or Rite of Consumption. Kaboom!

I actually managed to win a game the other day using the above scenario, but the opponent lost the game before I even managed to detonate the bomb. The Blood Artist and the Impact Tremors claimed the kill while I was busy sacrificing creatures and creating tokens. :-)

Blood Trade
Creatures (21)
4  Bloodsoaked Champion
2  Mortician Beetle
4  Bloodthrone Vampire
2  Blood Artist
3  Mogg War Marshal
2  Pawn of Ulamog
2  Desecration Demon
2  Abyssal Persecutor

Other spells (15)
2  Tragic Slip
2  Fling
2  Rite of Consumption
2  Impact Tremors
1  Dying Wish
3  Fallen Ideal
2  Act of Treason
1  Elemental Mastery

Lands (24)
4  Bloodfell Caves
7  Mountain
13  Swamp

Sideboard (15)
1  Bubbling Cauldron
2  Coat with Venom
2  Dreadbore
2  Duress
2  Marsh Casualties
2  Ricochet Trap
1  Shadows of the Past
2  Tainted Remedy
2  Vandalblast