Dead Meat

When you have played Magic: The Gathering for some time you’ll notice that the box of spare cards is constantly growing. This box is the home for all those homeless cards that you got in booster packs (or from other sources) and that just doesn’t fit in one of your current decks. It might be because the theme doesn’t fit or because you lack some cards to make a certain mechanism tick.

But then, when the rain is pouring down outside and you have some time to spare, you can open up the box, sort your cards in nice piles and then build a couple of really fun casual game decks and play them against one another. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find some new favourites among your forgotten cards?

Here’s a deck from this weekends casual games.

Dead Meat
Creatures (19)
2  Tenacious Dead
2  Child of Night
2  Corpse Hauler
1  Gnawing Zombie
2  Gutter Skulk
2  Blood Bairn
1  Dead Reveler
1  Lifebane Zombie
1  Undead Minotaur
2  Accursed Spirit
1  Liliana’s Reaver
2  Sengir Vampire

Lands (24)
8  Forest
1  Radiant Fountain
15  Swamp

Other spells (17)
1  Caravan Vigil
1  Fog
2  Giant Growth
2  Prey Upon
2  Vile Rebirth
1  Altar’s Reap
1  Naturalize
1  Staff of the Death Magus
2  Trollhide
1  Launch Party
1  Midnight Recovery
1  Well of Lost Dreams
1  Creeping Renaissance